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d.o./luna → g, 1632 words

elle gave me the prompt "constellations" but this really didn't have anything to do with constellations or astronomy OTL please do forgive me. thanks wayverly for BEING AN ENABLER I HATE YOU.

Kyungsoo is barely five when his grandfather takes him to the nearby park after the sun has barely set. Little Kyungsoo whines about how he wants to watch cartoons right now, but makes no move to remove his small hand currently clutching his grandfather’s bigger one. His grandfather hushes him, a warm smile gracing his lips and Kyungsoo stops complaining instantly. The only reminisce of his tantrum is a scowl adorning his plump face.

The two find a large clearing in the park, the lights near the basketball courts flickering on in the distance. His grandfather nestles Kyungsoo in his lap, pulling out a telescope and handing it to Kyungsoo’s eager hands. Kyungsoo pouts, unsure of how to use the device.

His grandfather lets out a hearty laugh, kindly explaining to him what it was (“This is a telescope Kyungsoo. You can use it to see beyond the earth.”) Kyungsoo observes the stars above with rapt attention, eyes never leaving the twinkling lights as his grandfather tells him about how stars can form pictures (“Those, the star pictures, are called constellations. If you look hard enough, you can spot thousands of them, but some are easier to see compared to others.”)

During Kyungsoo’s second year of middle school is when his grandfather passes away, leaving behind his collection of telescopes and stacks of astronomy books behind. Kyungsoo tried not to remember too much during that time, but since then he’s always carried around that small telescope with him in his school bag.

New uniform pressed and shirt collar starched, Kyungsoo starts high school wide-eyed and filled with trepidation. All his middle school friends opted to go to the nearest school in their neighborhood but Kyungsoo wanted something else; something more. He had studied to the point that it felt as if his eyes would roll out of their sockets and onto the floor. His third year had been spent going to tutoring, discussing his goals with his teachers, and spending hours reviewing his notes while all his friends went off and found girlfriends.

He had wanted to attend, as Baekhyun had put it, “the rich school; the school filled with the sons and daughters of corporate companies, destined to rule the business world.” Kyungsoo had scoffed at him then, pressing the belief that he would be fine and nothing will stop him from getting into that school. Baekhyun had studied him critically, eyes narrowing slightly before shrugging and turning to talk to Chanyeol about their weekend plans.

But at the moment Kyungsoo is currently second guessing his decision; the fear of not belonging crawls up his skin and makes its home in the middle of his chest. He wants to vomit and nearly does when he remembers himself. He’s standing in a row with his fellow first years all around him as the principal drones on about the school’s ethics and how those who graduate from here will achieve great things.

Kyungsoo practically bolts out of the auditorium, feet taking him to a quiet alcove near the library. His back makes a dull thud against the plaster before sliding down, his butt hitting the asphalt. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, head lightly bumping against the wall.

He hears footsteps in the distance heading in his direction. Kyungsoo isn’t sure about what he should do: is it a teacher? is he going to get in trouble? but class doesn’t start for another half hour so? in his mild panic the footsteps stop right in front of him, the toes of sneakers lightly bumping the soles of his loafers. Kyungsoo cracks an eye open, wariness creeping into his bones.

What he isn’t expecting to see is the obvious legs of a girl, if her stockings were anything to go by. His eyes are fully open now as they trail from her shoes, up her legs, to her regulation skirt, to her blazer, and then to her face. She’s smiling serenely at him, casually tucking a strand of raven black hair behind her ear.

She sticks out a hand in greeting. “I’m Park Sunyoung, first year. Would you like to join the astronomy club?”

Her smile is blinding, to say the least.

Three months later Kyungsoo finds himself settling nicely into the groove of things. He no longer feels like a lost duckling wandering the hallways, feet shuffling and eyes wide as he tries to find his next class during passing period. During those three months Sunyoung makes herself a constant in his life; finding him during class breaks, asking him what his interests were, inviting him to eat with her and her friends. Kyungsoo isn’t sure where he would be without her.

It was during the second day of school that Sunyoung manages to nab him from his biology class right after the bell has gone off, dragging him to sit with her for lunch. It’s also this day that Kyungsoo meets Jongdae, Joonmyun, and Jieun, all of whom are Sunyoung’s friends from choir. Kyungsoo misses the fond smile she has when he and Joonmyun click instantly. The next day he meets the Chinese foreign exchange student, Amber, and the seniors Minseok and Luhan.

That’s how Kyungsoo ends up with his group of close knit friends and in between club meetings and stargazing he finds himself at someone’s house on a Friday night, watching B rated movies and throwing popcorn around.

It’s nice; everything becoming warm and comfortable as the weeks pass by in a blur. However, Kyungsoo doesn’t miss how his eyes always search for Sunyoung’s in a room full of people, or how she always changes the color of her nail polish every week.

Could it be?

His mind whispers to him one sleepless night.


It doesn’t stop the butterflies from erupting when Sunyoung’s smile is directed his way.

It’s midway through November when Sunyoung nearly comes tumbling into the club room, scarf askew and hair in complete disarray. Kyungsoo’s taken aback, the notebook in his hand making a soft thud as it hits the desk top. Sunyoung barrels through though, grabbing his hands and holding them up to her face. Her smile is bright and his eyes widen in response, unsure of what to say.

“Kyungsoo!” Sunyoung coos his name breathlessly. “There’s going to be a meteor shower this weekend! Will you come watch with me?”

He feels his resolve crumbling and before Kyungsoo’s mind can come up with a response his mouth moves on its own accord.

“Of course I will.”

This is how Kyungsoo finds himself spending Saturday night on the school rooftop huddled in four layers of jackets and an extra blanket on top. He’s not sure how Sunyoung pulled strings to have the rooftop door left unlocked but he doesn’t question it.

Sunyoung’s currently pacing around, hands fluttering as she adjusts the cameras and telescopes to her liking. Kyungsoo’s never seen Sunyoung outside of her school uniform so he unabashedly stares at her, taking in the black skinny jeans, purple converse, and light pink hoodie she’s currently wearing.

Kyungsoo offers the blanket to her, worried that she might be cold, but she shoots him down with a smile.

“I’m too excited to be cold.” Sunyoung chuckles, rubbing her hands together.

Kyungsoo coughs, hands coming up to hide his reddening cheeks. “Sunyoung, when is the meteor shower supposed to start exactly?”

Sunyoung stops fiddling with the video recorder for a moment, humming in though. “At around midnight, so another four hours or so maybe?”

Kyungsoo stares at her incredulously. “Then why did we come so early? It doesn’t even take that long to set up.”

She let’s out a giggle, a nervous hiccup escaping that has her turning around abruptly.

“I, uh, wanted to stargaze with you?” Sunyoung fidgets with the hoodie’s cuffs, eyes firmly focused on her shoes.

Kyungsoo’s breath catches as he, too, also fingers his jacket sleeves. “O-oh.”

The silence that follows is awkwardly charged, Sunyoung making her way across the roof to glance over the edge. Kyungsoo busies himself by setting up two fold out chairs and laying down a few blankets. The sound of familiar footsteps tickles his ears and he looks up to see Sunyoung holding out a piece of paper. His eyes widen in surprise and a blush crawls up Sunyoung’s cheeks. She urges him to take it, eyes sparkling.

Sunyoung lays down next to him on the blankets, arms pillowing her head as she gazes at the night sky. Kyungsoo flips the paper over; it’s a certificate saying that he now owns a star named after himself.

He can’t help it; he laughs and ends up flopping down next to Sunyoung, eyes crinkling and heart shaped mouth showing all of his teeth. Sunyoung starts laughing too, eyes forming two crescent moons and Kyungsoo’s never wanted to kiss someone so much.

He places the certificate a ways away before gently placing a hand against Sunyoung’s warm cheek. His thumb unconsciously begins to rub lightly at the soft skin, eyes searching Sunyoung’s for any indication that maybe he read the signs wrong. She’s not smiling anymore, lips slightly parted, as Kyungsoo’s face moves closer to her own.

Kyungsoo holds his breath, eyes slipping closed as his lips meet Sunyoung’s in a sweet kiss. He pulls away winded, hand still placed against Sunyoung’s cheek. She’s smiling and it’s so brilliant and beautiful that it feels as if his heart is swelling, taking up the entire cavity of his chest.

“You know, I think I really do like you.”

Sunyoung chortles, making herself more comfortable on Kyungsoo’s lap. “I’ve known, silly.”

Kyungsoo’s eyebrows raise at that but he let’s it slide, opting to bury his face in her hair.

“Don’t worry Kyungsoo, I like you. A lot in fact.”

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