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fifth finger
158 words | g
- cn blue + snsd ; jonghyun/sunny

She’s snooty, short, and stuck up; he still has no idea why he’s attracted to her. Lee Jonghyun is still as stumped as ever but he thinks he’s okay with it.


He can’t exactly recall how he met her, but he’s pretty certain that it was an unpleasant meeting anyways. He can feel her scowl burning his face as she stares at him from across their coffees.

Jonghyun’s gaze meets hers for a second, a surprised expression quickly makes its way onto her face, cheeks turning a light shade of pink. He chuckles softly, the corners of his eyes crinkling cutely and he feels a joking punch to his left arm.

She smiles too, her eyes disappearing into crescent moons as she looks at their fifth fingers entwined together on the café table.

Their pinky fingers remain like that for their entire stay, the coffee already gone cold and an unspoken promise already made.

I love you.

our last goodbye
119 words | pg
- shinee + snsd ; onew/taeyeon

We walk hand in hand for the last time, our arms swinging to a silent beat as our feet synchronize in steps. The lights flicker from the yellow light bulb of the street post, but that doesn’t stop us from staring at the stars, together, one last time.

Onew’s going off to University in Seoul while I, Taeyeon, was going to one near home.

It wasn’t painful letting go, though the heartache didn’t come until after he long turned his back, his feet shuffling in the opposite direction.

I stood there staring at him, at nothing maybe, as I let the tears freely fall.

The taste of that farewell kiss will always linger, and the first love never forgotten.

223 words | pg-13
- super junior + snsd ; siwon/taeyeon

The feeling is so thrilling and overwhelmingly intoxicating that she just can’t seem to get enough. It doesn’t matter if their lives are on the line as long as she has him and the loyalty she possesses to protect South Korea.

She, Kim Taeyeon, is a secret agent; her job was unconventional for the most part. Often being used as the decoy in most missions, her pretty face and petite body making her the alluring subject for all male targets alike. Her partner, Choi Siwon, did everything else: shooting, killing, protecting, he did it all with ease.

The excitement never fades as the missions become more complicated and dangerous; it’s a high she’s never felt before and the fact that Siwon is her partner makes the experience more memorable.

She isn’t sure if it’s love, or even pent-up lust and desire, but she doesn’t mind it one bit.

That is until she later finds herself pinned to a luxurious bed in some hotel suite, Siwon’s strong arms holding her in place.

Taeyeon wishes that this feeling growing and spreading within her chest would just go away. But before her rationality kicks in, lust takes over her thought process when Siwon bites the nape of her neck. Hard.

The feeling is toxic and can’t seem to breath in it.

It’s as if she’s drowning.