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white soundtrack

white soundtrack
chen/luna → pg, 446 words

a/n: vague high school!au. suffering writer's block so I wrote this on a whim. ty kat for fixing it up xoxo <3 ps: coming up with a title is such a pain.

It comes as no surprise when Jongdae is caught ditching his afternoon lecture while lounging on the rooftop of the theatre, the breeze ruffling his hair as he lies back and counts the clouds that pass by. He’s stretched out like a cat on a slab of cement that’s nearly hanging off the rooftop.

The door creaks in the background, the old and worn metal scratching against the frame. The footsteps that follow are gentle. Jongdae has an inkling of who it could be.

The quiet padding of shoes get steadily louder; a sigh is released upon stopping. It’s definitely her. Jongdae can’t help the smile that makes its way onto his lips, the corners quirking upwards traitorously.

Jongdae closes his eyes when the toe-tapping occurs, the beat steady and slow. He’s still smiling, a kittenish grin that promises mischief.

“Kim Jongdae.” Her voice sounds like spring: soft, warm, and sweet.

Jongdae hums in acknowledgment, eyes still closed as he rearranges his arms to pillow his head.

The movement of feet reach his ears once more, the light padding of rubber soles before stopping right by his head. Jongdae cracks open his eyes, willing for a peak. A familiar pair of Converses greet his vision, white. The shoes are slightly worn and faded, but still durable. They remind him of daisies.

“Park Sunyoung,” Jongdae drawls. He chuckles at her scoff, the wind nearly muting the sound.

Delicate hands nudge at his shoulder, willing him to sit up begrudgingly. Jongdae grumbles incoherently, eyes blinking rapidly at the bright sunshine before complying. Sunyoung chuckles as he immediately closes his eyes again. Her feet scrape against the pavement as she lifts herself onto the cement slab.

Sunyoung hums an unfamiliar tune as she makes herself comfortable, her hands coming up to pat his face. She laughs when Jongdae scrunches his nose, beaming when Sunyoung prods him to lay back down.

This time Jongdae makes his head comfortable on Sunyoung’s lap, sighing in contentment. His ear is slightly pressed to her tummy, her vague heartbeat almost audible. It’s steady and comforting ba-dump ba-dump.

There’s a slight movement with her thighs, her legs lightly swinging back and forth in time with the tune she’s still humming. It must be a new song from choir, Jongdae surmises.

Sunyoung smells of jasmine and sunshine, a soothing presence that wraps Jongdae up and warms him from the inside out. Her warmth bleeds into Jongdae, lulling him into a slumber. Sunyoung continues murmuring; Jongdae’s ears pick up a few words and here and there, but not enough to form a coherent sentence.

Jongdae dreams in shades of white with Sunyoung’s sweet voice as the soundtrack.

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Tags: *type: drabble, -high school!au, fandom: exo, fandom: f(x), female: luna, male: chen, pairing: chen/luna
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