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burn me up

burn me up
leo/ken → nc-17, 349 words
warning: breathplay

a/n: so uh basically i was beta-ing prescil's forvixx fic here and i think it was a day or so before the deadline and i cracked since she wasn't allowed to write smut. um. you should probably read her fic first tbh since this happens somewhere in the second part. i hate you both, prescil and kat. also, i'm so sorry.

“Begin,” Taekwoon orders with a slight press of his thumb and Jaehwan starts jacking off under Taekwoon’s intense gaze. Jaehwan moans, thumb digging into the slit before he slides his hand down to the base of his penis. The pressure Taekwoon has on his throat gradually increases until he’s seeing stars, the pleasure zinging up his spine. His breathing becomes labored, the strength in his hand increasing while his arm starts moving faster and faster. Jaehwan blearily blinks open his eyes and barely registers Taekwoon’s face before throwing his head back and nearly screaming. Blinding euphoria takes Jaehwan by surprise, choked off moans falling from his lips as he orgasms, spunk landing on Taekwoon’s shirt.

Taekwoon blinks owlishly, hand moving away from Jaehwan’s throat as he surveys the damage on the front of his shirt. He tsks. At least Jaehwan has the decency to look ashamed, cheeks a bright red.

“Funny, I don’t recall saying that you could come.” Taekwoon says with an indifferent tone.

Jaehwan gulps as Taekwoon stands up and walks away. An inexplicable sense of fear seeps into Jaehwan’s skin, insecurities bubbling up to the surface. What if he doesn’t come back?

Five heartbeats and Jaehwan thinks he’s going to suffocate on his own emotions. The door clicks open. Exhale, inhale. Taekwoon appears before him once more, shirtless and a predatory glint in his eyes. Neither of them say anything but the unexplainable anxiety from earlier melts away when Taekwoon presses warm lips to Jaehwan’s, steady and sure.

Jaehwan’s breath hitches when fingers skitter under his shirt and across his stomach, his own hands clenching and unclenching in silent anticipation. Taekwoon’s staring at him again, gaze intense and unwavering as he drags a calloused hand up Jaehwan’s chest. Breathing stutters and Jaehwan can’t help the shiver that runs through his body, blood roaring in his ears. His eyes take in every detail of Taekwoon, every little thing in a hyper aware, high definition sequence.

Time seems to freeze, his own body in some sort of limbo as Taekwoon’s gaze bored into him and consumes him whole.

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Tags: *type: drabble, fandom: vixx, male: ken, male: leo, pairing: leo/ken
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